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CCRC- Criminal Review Commission

 CCRC- Criminal Review Commission

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The criminal cases review commission are an independent public body, and are set up to investigate possible miscarriages of justice, from magistrate’s court and the crown courts in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Their principle role is to investigate cases where people believe they have been wrongly convicted of a criminal offence or wrongly sentenced.

The Customer service manager alongside the head of marketing wanted to encourage more young people, especially those from over represented groups, to start to apply to the CCRC and understand better the service that they provide.


Using our years of experience around consultancy and problem solving, we helped design an event in partnership with Safer Innovation Projects that allowed the CCRC to get direct views and ideas from the young people themselves.

This led to the creation of innovative online resources as well as developing a programme in partnership with National Prison Radio creating a dynamic and engaging programme hosted by us that engaged with over 80,000 listeners.



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