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First Class partners with National Mind

First Class Legacy works with National Mind


For over 70 years, national mind has been committed to making sure that everyone experiencing mental health problems, can access the support they need and is treated with the respect they deserve, through public campaigns and influencing decision makers.   They have impacted millions of lives every year, but wanted to develop a campaign that was specifically targeted to black men.   Through their research it was noted, that too many black men miss out on the right support.   They are also one of the most overrepresented BME groups in the UK.



Working with the marketing team was to create an online resource that was culturally relevant and engaging, that MIND felt was hard to engage and connect with.  Through a number of creative surgeries with the target market at the centre of the communication to be designed, we created something using our VBA  (Values Based Approach) and Theory of Change (Relatable Role models and Psychologically informed spaces) we designed a toolkit and model of change that helped to meet the needs of the organisation.



Mind engaged a brand new target group, received data back from their surveys and changed the future look of their marketing.

National Mind- UMS

Long term programme of engagement


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